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MathComponent Tutorial

Welcome to the MathComponent tutorial!

This tutorial shows how to develop, test, and deploy a simple topology consisting of two components:

  1. MathSender: A component that receives commands and forwards work to MathReceiver.

  2. MathReceiver: A component that carries out arithmetic operations and returns the results to MathSender.

See the diagram below.

A simple topology for arithmetic computation

What is covered

This tutorial will cover the following concepts:

  1. Defining types, ports, and components in F’.

  2. Creating a deployment and running the F’ GDS (Ground Data System).

  3. Writing unit tests.

  4. Handling errors, creating events, and adding telemetry channels.


This tutorial assumes the following:

  1. Basic knowledge of Unix: How to navigate in a shell and execute programs.

  2. Basic knowledge of C++.

  3. We advise new F’ users to try the HelloWorld Tutorial

Table of Contents

  1. Project Setup
  2. Defining Types
  3. Constructing Ports
  4. Creating Components
  5. Developing Deployments
  6. Writing Unit Tests
  7. Adding Telemetry
  8. Error handling

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