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Flight Software & Embedded Systems Framework

Bootstrapping F´

Note: if you have followed the HelloWorld tutorial previously, this should feel very familiar…

An F´ project ties to a specific version of tools to work with F´. In order to create this project and install the correct version of tools, you should perform a bootstrap of F´.

To do this you should follow the following steps from the F´ installation guide:

  1. Ensure you meet the F´ System Requirements
  2. Bootstrap your F´ project with the name MathProject

Bootstrapping your F´ project created a folder called MathProject (or any name you chose) containing the standard F´ project structure as well as the virtual environment up containing the tools to work with F´.

Building the New F´ Project

The next step is to set up and build the newly created project. This will serve as a build environment for any newly created components, and will build the F´ framework supplied components.

cd MathProject
fprime-util generate
fprime-util build -j4

fprime-util generate sets up the build environment for a project/deployment. It only needs to be done once. At the end of this tutorial, a new deployment will be created and fprime-util generate will also be used then.


A new project has been created with the name MathProject and has been placed in a new folder called in MathProject in the current directory. It includes the initial build system setup, and F´ version. It is still empty in that the user will still need to create components and deployments.

For the remainder of this Getting Started tutorial we should use the tools installed for our project and issue commands within this new project’s folder. Change into the project directory and load the newly install tools with:

cd MathProject
. venv/bin/activate

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