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Flight Software & Embedded Systems Framework

LED Blinker: An F´ Tutorial on Physical Hardware

This is designed to be an extended introductory F´ tutorial taking the user through the basics of creating components, using events, telemetry, commands, and parameters, and integrating topologies with the goal of running F´ on embedded hardware. Users will be guided through the process of software development and testing on embedded Linux running on an ARM processor (e.g. RaspberryPI, Odroid, etc).


In order to run through this tutorial, you must first do the following:

  1. Meet the F´ System Requirements
  2. Install an IDE or text editor supporting copy-paste. VSCode has plugins to work with FPP.
  3. Attempt the Hello World Tutorial

To run on hardware with cross-compiling, you must also:

  1. Acquire and set up the appropriate hardware for this tutorial
  2. Set up a cross-compiling environment for their ARM processor

    Attendees to an in-person F´ workshop will have access to 64-bit ARM hardware and should set up the 64-bit cross compiling environment.

Tutorial Steps

This tutorial is composed of the following steps:

  1. Project Setup
  2. Requirements Specification
  3. Component Design and Initial Implementation
  4. Initial Component Integration
  5. Continuing Component Implementation
  6. Full System Integration
  7. Running on Hardware
  8. Unit-Testing
  9. System Testing

First Step: Project Setup